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Beyonce Knowles Biography

Beyonce Knowles Biography
Beyonce Knowles Biography
Beyonce Knowles Biography

Beyonce Giselle Knowles was born on September 4th 1981 in Houston Texas. Beyonce was babtized after her mothers maden name Beyince to prevent it from becoming obsolete as there was only a few males who carried the name. Beyonce has a younger sister who is also a singer and songwriter named Solange.

Beyonce was first a member of the all girl group Destiny's Child before she broke out into her mega solo career. This group was signed to Columbian Records in 1997. This group had numerous problems including lawsuits and members left due to a negative vibe within the group.

Beyonce's first album Dangerously In Love was released in June of 2003. It had a slew of hit singles including "Crazy In Love" and "Baby Boy".

Beyonce is one of the most marketable artists in the music industry. She has quite the acting career, and product endorsement lineup.

During the turmoil of Destiny's child beyonce has admitted to being depressed. She was also publicly attacked by the media for causing the split up. Her boyfriend (From 12-19) also split up with her during this time. Her depression was very severe and lasted a couple of years, she would lock herself in her bedroom and refused to eat anything. She didn't want to speak out about her depression because Destiny's Child had just won a Grammy Award so she thought that no one would take her seriously.

Beyonce has been in a relationship with rapper Jay Z since 2002 and together they have collaborated on numerous singles. Beyonce and Jay Z are a very private couple and hide anything to do with the relationship. In April 2008 the couple were married in New York city but Beyonce did not show her wedding ring until September 2008. She only announced their marriage in an opening montage for a listening party for I am ... Sasha Fierce.

* Dangerously in Love (2003)
* B'Day (2006)
* I Am... Sasha Fierce (2008)

2001 Carmen: A Hip Hopera as Carmen
2002 Austin Powers in Goldmember asFoxxy Cleopatra
2003 The Fighting Temptations as Lilly
2004 Fade to Black played herself in a Documentary
2006 The Pink Panther as Xania
2006 Dreamgirls as Deena Jones
2008 Cadillac Records as Etta James
2009 Obsessed as Sharon Charles


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