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Lord Ayyappa - Ayyappa Gayatri Mantra

Lord Ayyappa - Ayyappa Gayatri Mantra
Lord Ayyappa - Ayyappa Gayatri Mantra
Swamy Ayyappa
Swamy Ayyappa, the lord who controls the universe against the evils. He is the incarnation of Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu in his Mohini avatar.

The Avatar

Once, a demon by name Basmasura worshipped Lord Shiva and obtained a boon that he whomsoever he touches on the head will become ashes. The demon wants to test the effect of the boon on Lord Shiva and He started chasing him. Lord Shiva requested Lord Vishnu to intervene and Lord Vishnu in the form of Mohini and in a dance seuel made Basuasura to touch his own head which put him to death. The passion of Lord Shiva towards Mohini resulted the birth of Hariraputra. He is popularly known as Ayyappa. Lord Ayyappa seated on a tiger atop the hill on a hill known as Sabarigiri later noted as Sabarimala.

By worshipping Swamy Ayyappa one who is facing troubles of visible and invisible will ward away. To worship Swamy Ayyappa is a difficicult one compared with others.

The devotee has to take the vrata for 48 times initially during which time he has to strictly follow the rules to attain the blessing of Swamy Ayyappa. He has to wear a beaded mala made of Rudraksha or Tulasi and after praying respects to his Guru. After wearing this, he has to go to a nearby temple for worship. While performing pooja at home or in a common place, three vertical lamps are required representing the Guru, Lord Ayyappa and Goddess Shakti respectively. Before staring pooja, he has to worship Lord Vigneswara and seek His blessings. After that Kalasa pooja has to be performed in the Pancha Patra and the sacred water from it has to be sprinkled over the pooja materials for purification. Finally, the poojas is performed to the Lamp representing the Lord Ayyappa with 108 or 1008 names with flowers. After completion of the pooja rituals, Sri Sasta Ashtakam is being chanted to mark the end of worship.

The Worshipper has to keep his body and soul under his control and should avoid taking non vegetarian food.

He has to take bath twice a day pay a visit to a temple nearby or any temple meticulously.

The devotee has to observe brahmachraya during the period of Vrata and has to drive all temptations from his brain.

The body has to be hardened and hence he has to sleep on the floor without any comforts and should wear black dress and walk without any footwear.

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Gayatri Mantram of Swamy Ayyappan or Sabarimala Sree Dharma Sastha.

Sastha Gayatri Lyrics or Ayyappa Gayatri Mantra

Boodha Naathaya Vidmahe
Bhavaputhraaya Dheemahi
Thanno Saastha Prachodayaath.

Sastha Gayatri Meaning in English Translation

We worship Lord Ayyappa, the son of Siva.
Salutations to Saastha (Ayyappa).
May that Ayyappa stimulate our creative faculties

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