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The Jinchuuriki Naruto Wallpaper

The Jinchuuriki Naruto Wallpaper
The Jinchuuriki Wallpaper
1 Tail: Tanuki
2 Tails: Cat
3 Tails: Turtle
4 Tails: Flaming Gorilla (that shoots lava!)
5 Tails: Dolphin/Horse Hybrid
6 Tails: Slug
7 Tails: Horned Beetle
8 Tails: Ox/Octopus Hybrid
9 Tails: Fox

Cleaned image by The GameJC (Mangahelpers)
(c) Masashi Kishimoto
The Jinchuuriki by ~Hidd3nNiN

Chibi Jinchuuriki Naruto Wallpaper

Chibi Jinchuuriki Naruto Wallpaper

Chibi Jinchuuriki Wallpaper

In the front is:
Uzumaki Naruto, the Kyuubi no Youko Jinchuuriki from Konohagakure

Behind him is:
Gaara, the Ichibi no Shukaku Jinchuuriki from Sunagakure
Nii Yugito, the Nibi no Nekomata Jinchuuriki from Kumogakure
Yagura, the Sanbi Jinchuuriki from Kirigakure
Roushi, the Yonbi Jinchuuriki from Iwagakure

Behind them is:
Han, the Gobi Jinchuuriki from Iwagakure
Utakata,the Rokubi Jinchuuriki from Kirigakure
Fuu, the Shichibi Jinchuuriki from Takigakure
Killer Bee, the Hachibi Jinchuuriki from Kumogakure

Jinchuuriki Goin' 2 SouthPark by ~Dosu

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Bijuu and Jinchuuriki Cool Picture

Bijuu and Jinchuuriki Cool Picture
Bijuu and Jinchuuriki from Naruto Picture
a picture of all bijuu and jinchuuriki

bijuu and jinchuuriki by ~neilxninjas

shin chan transformation picture set five by ~abnormalchild

kureyon shin chan transformation picture set five
as akatsuki naruto member. deidara, tobi, kakuzu, kisame, itachi
kureyon shin chan transformation picture set five by ~abnormalchild

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Chibi Sasuke Chidori Picture

Chibi Sasuke Chidori Picture
Cute Chibi Sasuke Chidori Picture
Cute Sasuke Chidori Picture
Sasuke of Naruto in the process of performing the Chidori
Sasuke by ~m4kimaki

Doraemon Action Figure Character Photos

Doraemon Action Figure Character Photos
Suneo, Giant, Doraemon, Nobita , Shizuka
Doraemon Cast by ~rai-rai-chan

Doraemon Custom Shape Picture

Doraemon Custom Shape Picture
Cute Doraemon Custom Shape Picture
Doraemon Custom Shape Picture
Doraemon Custom Shape by ~evographik

shin chan transformation picture set four by ~abnormalchild

shin chan transformation picture set four
as one piece character, shank, mihawk, mr.2, whitebeard (shirohige), ace, smoker
shin chan transformation picture set four by ~abnormalchild

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shin chan transformation picture set three by ~abnormalchild

shin chan transformation picture set three
as crocodile, as picollo, as shishio, as orochimaru
shin chan transformation picture set three by ~abnormalchild

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BLEACH - Merry Christmas Wallpaper by =yanimator

BLEACH - Merry Christmas Wallpaper
BLEACH - Merry Christmas Wallpaper by =yanimator

Naruto - Yondaime team's X-mas Wallpaper by pika

Naruto - Yondaime team's X-mas Wallpaper by pika

Santa = Yondaime
One throwing the snowball = Obito
Smiling one giving the present = Rin
The one we know, silverhaired = Kakashi

all characters - Naruto © Masashi Kishimoto
pic © pika

-lineart: pencil and ink
-colors: Copic Ciao Markers

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Christmas Party Strawhat Style One Piece Wallpaper by ~MariusLorca

Christmas Party Strawhat Style One Piece Wallpaper
Christmas Party:Strawhat Style Wallpaper by ~MariusLorca

Doraemon - Anime Review


Nobita is a 4th grade boy who seems to be the main losers. He could not see anything without glasses. He did not seem to have any talent. He's always got a failure to test at school. He was not popular among his friends. Clearly desperate cases, if left to their own devices will eventually lead Nobita future generations down the family's poverty. To avoid this disaster, his great-great-great (etc.) grandson from the future sent a fat blue cat robot (robocat?) Named Doraemon Nobita to help straighten out his life. So, one day Doraemon Nobita came from his desk drawer and he has been a silly boy constant trouble, and friends since then. Doraemon's most extraordinary talents is that he has a 4-dimensional pocket on his stomach from which he can produce all kinds of strange and wonderful futuristic gadget to help Nobita solve problems, and solving problems Nobita is a full-time job ...


Doraemon was created as a manga in 1969-70 by Fujimoto Hiroshi and Motoo Abiko. To this day still print manga and anime (and also all kinds of merchandise) can still be seen and purchased in many Southeast Asian countries. I'm not going to beat around the bush here, I * love * this anime! I loved it since I was a wee child (and the people who knows me knows how many centuries ago it was). Doraemon what makes the special is a good nature show that never fails to raise a smile and laughter. Doraemon's humor intelligent, fresh and never rude. This is usually based on creative ideas to the writer objects Doraemon fantastic out every episode, the Nobita or one of his friends had somehow always managed to abuse with funny consequences. For example in one episode Nobita wanted to be popular in school, after much pleading and crying Doraemon pulled from his pocket a small tool 4D can produce instant popularity.Once the gadget is set to work, everyone at school likes Nobita immediately. Thus, he got what he wanted to, or so it seemed. Devices, which have their own thoughts, not stop at making Nobita popular at school, it continued to increase in popularity for the ridiculous degree. Eventually he became so popular that he became a national figure and the government announced that Nobita's birthday will be a public holiday from then on. Lack of popularity is that the poor Nobita never get a moment of peace or privacy, so he had to ask for Doraemon to get the gadget to change everything back to the way things were. Some episodes contain a moral lesson about friendship, kindness, etc. but the environment is never a heavy hand, and most of the time just plain weird situation. Characterizing fine, as the light show did not ask for a deep, complex, enigmatic or character. The only violence in the show usually involves a big fat bully named Nobita Giant hit in the head. Doraemon himself is very friendly and I'm sure most of the kids who want to have a friend like him. Too bad that Doraemon was never released in the United States because he anime seems to have appeal across generations, as shown in any of Doraemon became popular. In Japan and in Asian countries such as Hong Kong, Thailand, etc. regarded as a classic Doraemon. Some critics will say that the work of art is primitive Doraemon. Of course it was not as finely drawn as to people like "Fushigi Yuugi" or "Evangelion", but quite pleasant, and at the end of the day, a very funny adventure Doraemon and his friends go beyond any limitations to create one of the greatest anime ever made.

Naruto Christmas Wallpaper by *Risachantag

Naruto Christmas Wallpaper
Naruto: Christmas by *Risachantag

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Cool Jubei Yagyu Black White Picture

Cool Jubei Yagyu Black White Picture
Cool Jubei Chan Black White Picture

Eureka 7 Wallpaper - A New Member by ~MatsuRD

Eureka 7 Wallpaper - A New Member
Eureka, Renton, Holland, Talho, Anemone, Dominic
Eureka 7 Wallpaper - A New Member by ~MatsuRD

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Great Teacher Onizuka Beach Picture

Great Teacher Onizuka Beach Picture
Great Teacher Onizuka GTO at Beach Picture

Doraemon and Pikachu Cute Picture

Doraemon and Pikachu Cute Picture
Doraemon and Pikachu Picture
Cute Doraemon Picture
Cute Pikachu Picture
Doraemon and Pikachu Cute Picture by ~artchaosnb

Agent Aika Anime Review

Agent Aika is one of those shows that makes this reviewer desperate for hope anime. Now do not misunderstand me - if you read a review of Agent Aika at various sites, you will find some who love this series of 7 OVAs follows the adventures of one best friend Aika and Rion. I'm not one of them, however, because what is wrong with Agent Aika is what makes the anime from going mainstream. This type of show that high school kids and new students dormies watch when nobody around enough to get into the back room of a video store and retrieve things unpleasant. Although I will give credit to show to make a stab at containing the actual plot, it was too bad and amulets-oriented to sense the average person, although the relative lack of actual sexuality on the screen. If you've never heard the fan before the service, loyal readers, you'll know what it was at the end of this article - although it has many characters, fan service Agent Aika star. Unfortunately, no fun.

Aika is under water scavengers are not too distant future where 90% of the earth has been flooded. His employer wanted to attempt to completely above board, but this time is difficult, and competition are not familiar with ethics. Aika voluntary volunteer for tasks that may be dangerous to take a new resource known as Iago. If he can get his hands on the Iago and data surrounding their use, he can help the company out of the red and pay personal debts from the past. With the help of Rion, his boss' daughter, Aika walked into a big fight with megalomaniacal brother / other teams who want to exploit Iago to their own evil schemes. Aika will keep clothing long enough to save the world? I doubt it, but it will not stop.

Agent Aika is blasphemy lies in the camera angle. Seriously, this show has more than underwear ... well, insert your own joke, because other sites have made them all too, but there is a huge abundance of them. If you see a woman appeared on the screen and speak in this event, at a certain point, you'll see her underwear. (Sometimes, he does not even have to have a speaking role.) Although the story is very weak, it is, and there are many action-packed scenes. However, almost every frame of the show (action even things) are filmed as if the creative team had just gotten out of a lot of shooting Hustler. Fan service now generally refers to a shot or two throwaway cleavage, clothing, or brief nudity had nothing to do with the actual program except to give viewers a man who attended a little excitement. This was not proper to say that this show has a fan service. It would be more correct to say that Agent Aika is a fan service with little actual program.

Fan service so completely embedded in every part of the Akia that the fact that he has a plot did not matter. Although the nudity and really sexually oriented content in a short program compared with non-stop upskirt shots, which did not make it better. Just because we do not see it really does not mean that the event is not pornographic by definition. Many people will take me to say that. Would look great production? Often times, yes. Is the voice acting is good music and reasonable? Yes. Is there really a lot of nudity or sexual contact? No. But the way the event was created is designed to generate, which is the point of pornography. Is it working on the goal is up for grabs - I'm just upset, annoyed, and bored. But in my opinion, this is essentially the title of a hentai fetish masquerade as something mainstream. Frankly, if the U.S. Manga Corps is not marketed as a main title, it will not appear on this site.

What's sad about all this is that recently we have seen how good women-driven action can show. Which is always growing popularity of live-action show Alias proves that. And indeed, Alias had a thrilling, action-packed, wise, fun, and sexy while appealing to both men and women. And even the fan service can be done right - witness my review of Plastic Little to find an event that got an A despite having a lot of value. Agent Aika, with female protagonists, can come to the surface to be similar to both, but instead truly dedicated to demean women. Every woman is an object in the event constantly ogled. Agent Aika fumbled only large quantities from beginning to end.

Agent Aika is directed by Katsuhiko Nishijima of Project A-Ko fame, and some may be wondering how he went from there to here. However, knowledgeable fans also remember that Project A-Ko was originally intended as an adult titles before entering into the development and re-writing became hysterical satire is not all things anime. Thus, not all that surprising that he was directing this event. Some fans say that Aika is a satire Nishijima try again here - by taking a service to its fans say extreme, they said that he was making a point about the anime industry. However, I do not agree with respect - if it was a satire, this satire is worse than it is anime. Because if it was satire, it would be like dropping two tons of eggs on the basis of five hundred times to prove that bad - we got the first points after a few drops, but after that, he became unbearable.

Eureka 7 Wallpaper- Gekkostate Band by ~MatsuRD

Eureka 7 Wallpaper- Gekkostate Band
Eureka 7 Wallpaper- Gekkostate Band by ~MatsuRD

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Great Teacher Onizuka Wallpaper

Great Teacher Onizuka Wallpaper
Well thats it, a wallpaper vectorized : GTO - Great Teacher Onizuka
GTO by ~noaru

Great Theacer Onizuka - Anime Review


Eikichi Onizuka, age 22, is a former motorcycle gang leader who came to Tokyo six years ago with his friend in the hope of making something in his life. He was not too far away, but she just graduated from college now and has found his calling: To be the largest ever high school teachers - Great Teacher Onizuka.Of course, there are some small issues to work out - he's foul-mouthed, had a problem with authority, issues of anger management, and he was more interested in the students' short skirts rather than passing along the hard earned wisdom to them. But Onizuka not give up easily, and in-your face how to get things done might just make a better teacher than he has a right to it.


Great Teacher Onizuka effectively mixes humor with a little obscene excess, a large number of funny scenes involving Onizuka's stable of love-lost-with-attitude persona, wild collection of the existing situation prime-time comedy will be proud to sport, and shot rigid hard-hitting comment on the issues surrounding the modern youth and frightening their education. The result is sometimes touching, sometimes eyebrow-raising, and always very funny. Add to a clean, effective art, directing and writing quality, and truly spectacular Japanese dialogue, and you've got an instant classic. My only complaint is that the dub, though not bad, a bit dirty and a bit of disappointment when compared with the sub.

Character is what makes almost every good comedy anime GTO work and no exception, featuring outstanding large from small players. With everything from anime-standard-biker gang member is far more normal Onizuka people like former car dealership and a variety of dysfunctional parental relationships, running character starting from broad stereotypes and funny to surprise your favorite anime realistic ordinary people day. What stands out in particular, though, is children who Onizuka must deal with - far from the stereotype of anime schoolgirl blush, the majority of these normal-looking children of the world-wise and has a malignant line which can be really scary, especially since the tactic they are rarely as simple as just as violent. In addition to being an accurate reflection of modern Japan's sad, it does not make an interesting change of pace, as well as Onizuka is less than the conventional method of dealing with them.

This eclectic collection allows for lots of funny situations while also providing a serious heart gives emotional circuits. In the midst of them all, however, is none other than Grand Master himself, and this Eikichi Onizuka, more than anything, what makes it fun as GTO.

Onizuka at first might seem like a simple skirt hunters, but there are oh-so-much-more to him than the average skirt-chasing creep, although the TV version is less character development than in the comics. On the one hand, its main interest in teaching seems to be a (female) students (and fellow teachers, in this case), and he must have wandering eyes, summarized in a hilarious scene early on where he filled the survey a whole school with a girl - high school girls - the pot was captioned with "There's little boy, but he only saw the girls." On the other hand, he's hard Karate champion driving with a lot of badass biker gang leader for his support. In between, he was an emotionally fragile loser with no life, lack of social skills, a good heart, and an honest desire to give children a better educational experience than he has.

shin chan transformation set two by ~abnormalchild

shin chan transformation set two picture
as astroboy, as himura kenshin, as L, as inuyasha
shin chan transformation set two picture by ~abnormalchild

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Jubei Chan Ninja Girl - Anime Review


Three hundred years ago, Yagyu Jubei, the greatest swordsman in Japan, all but destroyed the rival ninja clan. Since then they hold in secret, they plan to take revenge by conquering all of Japan. But this forecast Jubei, and before he died, he created the Lovely Eyepatch - magical items that can bestow Jubei's mastery of the sword in one chosen as his successor. Jubei Koinosuke faithful servants entrusted with looking for this replacement, which will be able to save Japan from the time of darkness.

Three centuries later, a little tired eventually discovered that the replacement Koinosuke - Nanohana Jiyu (nicknamed Jubei by single fathers), on average, the daily (anime) high school students from the new school. Jiyu but wanted nothing to do with magical eyepatch, 300 years of curses, and a series of teacher-killer - he has his hands full trying to get into a hot dessert shop in town and keep him from working themselves to death.

Then there is the villain, a trio of tough guys who are not competent with an empty-headed leaders are determined to show his love for Jiyu (and allegedly horrible luck in doing so), and the romantic rival Shiro, a Kendo champion ran away from his family past the dark and evil twins brother.

A very cartoon, very Japanese, and very funny series that still managed to have something like a story, some drama, and some very fun characters. Somehow use the play pieces to remove himself from the parody tireless for an interesting story, but never let the serious moments that bog down. Most of all it's really funny if your sense of humor with the right line, together nonstop slapstick, throwaway comment, and unique scenes, all with a sharp comic time.Throw in some cool action scenes spectacular and varied Japanese cast, and you will not even notice you're missing a quarter of a joke.

Stupidity attack would be too much for some people, and it weirds itself into love-it-or-hate-it territory, but quite different if it clicks for you, Jubei-chan is a pure, mad genius.

Basic visual style Jubei-chan is an anime classic - funny, rounded character designs, relatively bright colors, and simple but crisp art with heavy lines. Some scenes, more serious (and some that could have happened, but it is not) a little dark, and occasionally quite dramatic set suitable for ninja warrior more traditional. Character designs, while simple, still surprising characteristic. There are some exceptions which are cartoons, but the most interesting is the villain, who looks more or less realistic depending on how serious they were. Importance-based-art is one of the ongoing visual gag many, ranging from subtle to blunt SD farce.

Animation is smooth, and though most are "futile" in the cartoon stuff, there are some interesting character animation. There are also some very slick ninja swordfights - smooth, fast, and choreographer as well. Music, incidentally, walking from one end of cheery theme to drum grown occasionally dramatic, but the driving drumbeats is the only memorable part.

There is no way this series can work without a skilled voice cast, and Japanese actor to the challenge. Collection of colorful caricatures - the ruffians, some of Jubei classmates, and some of the killers - ranging from dry running Sachi monotonous for Tenchi Muyonosuke's shrill scream. A number of relatively serious character - especially the twins - who can be trusted and will fit in much more serious series. People somewhere in the middle of the series kept together - Sai, Jubei, and Koinosuke. Thanks to good acting, Sai and Jubei very reliable most of the time, both as a normal person and dramatic in a few moments.

shin chan transformation picture by ~abnormalchild

shin chan transformation picture
as uzumaki naruto, as luffy, as ichigo kurosaki, as son goku,
as gon, as doraemon, as shin chan
shin chan modified picture by ~abnormalchild

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Agent Aika Sexy Wallpaper

Agent Aika Sexy Wallpaper
Agent Aika Ecchi Sexy Wallpaper
Agent Aika Hot Sexy Wallpaper

Merry Christmas One Piece Picture by ~oNichaN-xD

Merry Christmas One Piece Picture
Luffy, Usopp, Chopper
Merry Christmas One Piece Picture by ~oNichaN-xD

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GTO Cosplay - EPIC Face

GTO Cosplay - EPIC Face
GTO - EPIC Face by *Imari-chan

Character : Eikichi Onizuka
Series : Great Teacher Onizuka
Cosplayer : imari-chan
Photo Credits : Everon
Photo Taken: 2009

Slam Dunk - Best Shohoku Team Wallpaper

Slam Dunk - Best Shohoku Team Wallpaper
Slam Dunk - Cool Shohoku Team Wallpaper

One Piece Finally Wallpaper by =e1n

One Piece Black White Finally Wallpaper
One Piece Finally Wallpaper by =e1n

Full Metal Alchemist Review


When they were little, Edward and Alphonse Elric lived happily with their mother, but one day, suddenly, he died. Using alchemy, magic as science is based on the law of equivalent exchange ( "To receive, you must give something of equal value"), a second attempt to bring back to life - with disastrous results.They deliberately opened the door to the spirit world is trying to pull them both in. Ed lost his arm and legs (later replaced them with a kind of magic robot called automail limb), and Al nearly died, but Ed only to bind his soul to a suit of armor that he can survive, by using the armor in the body. Surprised by their potential, the state alchemist Roy Mustang decided to take them and help Ed get the position with the state alchemist, where the two heard about the mythical Philosopher's Stone that allows you to perform alchemy without obey the law of equivalent exchange - which means they can use it to improve their bodies.


Full Metal Alchemist is too complicated for the goods into a small synopsis. If you've somehow never heard about this event, you may not know what I'm about up there. That's okay - I never stopped giving away details about the event in the reviews, and this is one time where 'll be a good thing.

To begin with, the science of alchemy in this show is based on real-life alchemy conducted from 15th to 18th centuries. The main goal is to use the natural law of equivalent exchange to find ways to turn other metals into gold by adding to them some of the essence of something more excellent than gold as gold is the other metals (gold is a perfect metal). This "more perfect than perfect" substance eventually became known as the Sorcerer's Stone (and if you re wondering, it is the same thing the first Harry Potter, which changed to "Sorcerer's Stone" in the U.S. because they thought American kids too stupid to say "philosopher"). Full Metal Alchemist is basically what happened to the late 19th century, Europe would be like if the alchemy has become a real science, with everything ranging from technology to the environment to architecture to the characters' names fit in this setting.

Each shows that getting involved with the subject must have a lot of work done on it, but it will not mean crap if the rest is not worth - which is not. What allowed this event to get so complicated is the fact that the main storyline is very simple; Basically, it's just looking for the Philosopher's Stone, but with many stops along the way than the bus can reach. Along the way, criminals, feeble friends, sticky situations, and issues of social and political relevance closer than such a fantastic setting will show thrown in front of two of our heroes. The only thing that Ed and Al can really trust each other (and maybe Winry, but I do not know - he had a wicked look in his eyes when he handed the instrument).

The theme is what really drives this show, but there are two ways to present the themes: the boring way, where you just kind of throw them out there are boring, and monologue vain conversation, or a good way, in which each character expresses a different theme through the past and personality. Full Metal Alchemist choose a good way to use characters to show the different errors people make or the problems they face. Heads the cast is Ed, that really the main character atypical for shounen anime. Unlike other shounen hero good angsty, easily shaken bleeding hearts or outright evil itself, Ed confident, intelligent, and know yourself and what values to the last drop. When criminals try to compare themselves and their purpose in Him, Ed did not look down on her hands with her eyes wide and go, "No ... can it really? Do I really .... like them?" He was soon ready with a legitimate, logical reason to distinguish them. And when faced with a choice to continue living without hands or join the state alchemists, Ed is not hindered by the fact that the alchemist state government must carry out orders because he knew that he was not strong enough to resist the values and to their machines. Al is Ed quieter half, which helped him out a lot, but you can easily see that can not function without the other, not as grumpy show where the main character is useless without a more level-headed friends. Al, you see, do not have the initiative and lack of will than Ed; so without Ed, Al would never get anything done, but Al was around to see that Ed's doing things right. Al is Ed's primary motivation to continue; Ed did not mind having automail so much, but he is Al was determined to return to the real body - despite being told by a number of characters that Al is truly better to live as a shield.

Most of the other characters Ed colleagues in the state alchemist: Colonel Mustang, Lieutenant Colonel Hughes, Lieutenant Hawkeye, and Major Armstrong. Only Mustang and Armstrong really chemists; Hughes and Hawkeye (I m pretty sure) is just a normal person. Hughes becomes very important to the plot towards the end of Season One, but even I will not spoil it. Instead, Armstrong and Hawkeye never really became important; Hawkeye is Mustang helpers and supporters Armstrong is basically comic relief, though he actually was one of the most powerful alchemist and have a few fights. (Sometimes it seems like Armstrong in the manga and they must have him for the fans, but really there is no place for him in the plot of the anime). Armstrong powers, apart from the giant muscle and spiked knuckles he used, is to launch a large stone and the goods in person. I never know what alchemy is supposed to be, though.

Remarkable compared with the story and characterization, technical aspects are not much to talk about. Generic animation is clean and handsome, but the budget is big enough for them to push some fight scenes that are amazing from it (like the battle between Ed and Greed in Season Two) and the character of the original design and most of the good - looking (although observers from the subtitled versions of Ed may be confusing to a girl - he was short, not very muscular, has a blond braid, and in the Japanese version was played by a woman). Backsound music was not really my favorite. Many sites have praised the music, and they were all done by the famous J-pop band (although I have never heard of them), but most of the openings and endings are not really good. The opening of the first, Ready Steady Go, just okay, and all except the first suffix is also quite mediocre. My favorite song ended the first clear, Kesenai Tsumi, and I also like the second opening, Rewrite.

Full Metal Alchemist is a great event, and with good reason. It combines elements of a good anime should have - an original storyline and power, great fights, great characters, drama and comedy, and some.

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Agent Aika Brown Wallpaper

Agent Aika Brown Wallpaper
Agent Aika Brown Wallpaper

One Piece girls Picture by ~orange90c

One Piece girls Picture by
One Piece girls Picture by ~orange90

Death Note Anime Review


Yagami Light is the perfect hero as you could imagine - a perfect score, perfect public record, looks perfect - in every aspect, the image is squeaky clean.
All this ended one fateful day when he was known as the Shinigami Ryuk dropped his Death Note out of the realm of the afterlife, the Light of the school. Light tripped on it and read the instructions: write the name of the person you want to die in Death Note - with their image in your mind - and they will die in a way that you set in this supernatural journal. If not, if it is not specified in writing, the victim will, in a few minutes, suffered a fatal heart attack.
Thinking that stupid joke at first, put to the test light when saving an innocent woman from being attacked. With horror, it works. Can clean the world of criminals be this easy?
Inspired by the new renewed sense of justice, Light indulge fully in his new power, self-correct and claimed the new carrier, utopian future


Perhaps the most anticipated anime in the Winter 2006/2007 season, and perhaps the new year (Nodame Cantabile, perhaps?) Death Note brings the story elements and intellectual integrity that is more often seen in classical literature collegeate than your usual Shounen Jump title.
First we have the Platonic "Gyges' Ring" scenario - in the discourse in Plato's Republic, integrity and fairness are finite fundamental questions in a sequence deemed by sin, human limited capacity and they are very ruooted sense of pride and self-righteousness. Light the main character is the incarnation of this discourse, a perfect character seems driven to obsession over the idea of becoming like a god. At first, good intentions - rapists, child molesters, seBut putting such power into the hands of a man - as perfect as possible Light - corruption, as history proves time and again.

Death Note accompanying the original owner, the shinigami Ryuk. Instead morally bound to serve as a light or conscience or guide, Ryuk hangs around just to be spectators - said human to be "interesting."

While this itself makes an interesting plot, what really makes the Death Note series is a top caliber character that causes obstruction to Light's mission. Topping the cast is a fan favorite L, the characters just indescribable. A shady, mysterious, but rather eccentric genius, L is probably the only thought that can match the slick Light. Cat-and-mouse power games between the two young men who seduce and amaze, make you laugh (not for the sake of comedy) and keeping you in every frame, soaking in every detail and anticipate next steps. Adorable, but tragically the Mass is another owner of Death Note, and a crazy sad with Light and dutifully do their bidding, while at the same time threatening immune to the tracking task force he was.

This is only the first ten episodes or more. This series is simple enough for anyone to understand, but at the same time deep enough and smart enough for those looking for something very heavy sink their teeth into. In addition, this series offers something that not many other series do - the moral puzzle.What if we have a Death Note? Do we use it? How do we use it? Is it possible to use it without change into what the Light?

The production values leave me with nothing to complain. A best-selling series like Death Note, like Nana and the titles of other popular manga, has an obligation to its fans to give them something that the quality of work. Smooth animation, character design and the faithful really bring life to the characters. Music is fantastic, and some anime seiyuu among top players, including Mamoru Miyano (Tamaki from Ouran High School Host Club) as the Light, Kappei Yamaguchi (Inuyasha from Inuyasha) as L, and Hirano Aya (Haruhi from The Meloncholy of Haruhi Suzumiya as the Mass. You really can not go wrong with this series. And this coming from a Christian - I'm not at all offended by this series, this is a fantastic scenario philosophical and theological.

How to see this series as a social comment? Each side of the political spectrum or anyone with any kind of religious affiliation can find the hot topic issues that make a great discussion. This is a series that will make you think. That's more than just passive entertainment, even if only what you make it. That's the beauty of Death Note. And fortunately, it was shining brightly through the ugliness that no doubt to come to the characters.

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Yu Gi Oh Anime Review


Motou Yugi is a boy fourteen years old who like to play a card game called Duel Monsters, along with his friends Joey, Tea, and Tristan. He also has a mysterious item called the Millennium Puzzle that allows him to transform into a powerful alter ego. One day, a newcomer named Seto Kaiba (who's dueling world champion) appears and challenges Yugi's grandfather (who happened to have a game store) to a duel. After the win, until the tears Kaiba Grandpa rare Blue Eyes White Dragon, which was only four in the world (and he's got the other three). He challenges Yugi to a duel and win by drawing a monster that can not be defeated. Yugi then invited to a competition to save lives Duelist grandfather of scary Maximillian Pegasus, who stole with his Millennium Eye.


If you have not figured it out yet, Yu-gi-oh is the other Pokemon emulation. It's aired on U.S. TV (my only exposure to it) has a bit of history behind it. In Japan, there are previous Yu-Gi-Oh series are apparently made on a budget much lower (so much bad animation) and almost nothing to do with the card game. At that time, apparently, about Yugi around the streets as an alter ego (who showed the label "Yami" but I prefer to call "Yugioh" with emphasis on the "oh") and the criminals and thugs blast into pieces with a mysterious shadow magic. This series takes place one cut, almost instantly. One thing that both have a tendency toward irrational events, such as Yugi's grandfather is in the hospital from losing a duel against Kaiba). There is also a manga, which I'm led to believe is basically the same stock. As usual, the show destroyed and mutilated; gun painted over, blood edited, but one of the most annoying change is when the characters are going in delusion of grandeur babble with the classic anime scene in the background and the BGM and voice acting make out scene must be serious and deep. Some episodes were actually two long sections, but the pieces are cut and inserted into the montage with great keyboards silly songs, and then inserted at the end of the duel from the next episode.

The story arc quite a bit more creative than the average "I'll go to a tournament and to host a monster!" The first U.S. broadcast the story arc is very similar to this, but the next one (especially the Battle City) succeeded in rising above this. Unfortunately, while they were imaginative, they are still reasonable, and be taken seriously to make it worse. A good parody anime like Excel Saga could be a field day with this event. For someone like me, who find things quite strange (intended to be serious) is very funny, this only endears the show more, but I realize I'm in the minority, and it must be a minus for most people. Characterization is thin; as a matter of fact, you get more characterization than watching what the card employs characters in battle than from listening to the dialogue. Actually, this is better than two ways to find out about them because the other way requires lengthy speeches about the power of friendship and love.

Animation is average. The most obvious thing about it is a crazy character designs. Some characters, such as Mai and Kaiba, managed almost looks normal, but Yugi has a purple-Dragonball-like blond hair, and Tristan has a large nail hair stick to the 45-degree angle from the top of his head. (I am angry because they gave me such a character that looks stupid.) Many small thugs in the series also has a hair like this. Of course, in a performance monster, monster design is as much so or more important than the character design, and mediocre showing most shining in this area. While employed Pokemon funny, furry little hugemsqueezems, (see if you can imagine that one!) Yu-gi-oh with more monsters than the RPG games like Final Fantasy. Many resemble humans, wearing the sword and shield, some scary monsters are usually found in horror movies, and some, like Blue Eyes White Dragon, just plain cool. I often find myself wishing they were more than just a stupid card. Not only that, but the actual card game (yes, of course there are real life card game) is really fun to play.

Trowa Gundam Wing Wallpaper

Trowa Gundam Wing Wallpaper

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Beck - Mongolian Chop Squad Black White Wallpaper

Beck - Mongolian Chop Squad Black White Wallpaper
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Sexy Chun Li Cosplay Photo

Sexy Chun Li Cosplay Photo

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Fate Stay Night Girls Wallpaper
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